Back in the ‘shwa

Dec 9, 2020 | Other

Got up this morning at 5:30 am … migrated to Tim’s… and started shovelling out the driveway at my moms. The house is sold and she’s moving to Fergus in a few weeks.
Looking down this driveway (and some of you reading this will remember this driveway) I think of: ROAD HOCKEY. It was days like this that as youngins we would spend hours sailing “skinned” tennis balls down into a holey net for hours.
Remember when you could flick the tip of your stick out and deflect an incoming shot two or three feet to one side and consistently bring it to the net? Back then it was everything. Back then there were several neighbourhood teams and you would be gone for ten or twelve hours a day.
My fingers get frostbite easily now… something else that resulted from those care-free days.


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