Privacy Policy

Policies and Practices to Protect the Privacy of your Personal Information
August 2020

Olde Trade Tools (OTT) is committed to collecting, using, and disclosing personal information responsibly and only to the extent necessary for the services we provide. We endeavour to be open and transparent as to how we handle personal information. Under the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA), which took effect in January 2004, we are required to provide you with a description of our policies and practices for protecting personal information. This document describes our privacy policies.

Personal information refers to information about an identifiable individual. Personal information includes information that relates to an individual’s personal characteristics (e.g., name, date of birth, home address, and telephone number), their health (e.g., presenting problem, health history, health services received by the individual, social situation) or their activities and views (e.g., opinions expressed by an individual, an opinion or evaluation of an individual). Personal information is different from business information (e.g., an individual’s business address and telephone number), which is not protected by privacy legislation.

Olde Trade Tools is a retailer of vintage hand tools and antiques. OTT also provides information to the antique hand tool collecting community in the form of blogs; articles; and a calendar. The information provided on this site is developed by experienced collectors to the best of their abilities and is by no means to be considered definitive.

Olde Trade Tools collects personal information voluntarily and typically for three reasons:

Mailing Lists
Market Information
Mailing Addresses

The primary reason we collect information about our clients is to provide information email updates about our ever-changing product inventory and information about the antique hand tool world. These have typically been sent out as “blind” copies on a periodic basis (usually quarterly).

We usually ask for a general location which helps us to better market our products and to maintain an Out-of-Area list, as well as a In-the-Area list. Email updates are slightly different for these two types of lists.

Clients can volunteer a phone number for contact. This is typically for customers who are repeat customers.

For customers that require shipping, we maintain a list of mailing labels with addresses to expedite the shipping process.

We do not maintain any financial information about our customers.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients by following our policies and procedures for and adhering to provincial and federal legislation concerning the collection, storage, and disclosure of personal information.

No personal information is communicated, directly or indirectly, to a third party without client informed and written consent. Exceptions to this policy include the legal, and/or ethical obligations to:

External regulators have their own strict privacy obligations. Like all organizations, various government agencies (e.g., Information and Privacy Commissioner, Human Rights Commission, Revenue Canada, etc.) have the authority to review any files and interview OTT personnel as part of their mandates. In these circumstances, we would consult with legal professionals in the course of compliance.

Clients or their legal designates can have access to all information identified as pertaining to them (and only them) and which is stored in the client record. A request to review your file must be made in writing identifying the reason for this request. If you request to view your information, we will need to confirm your identity and legal right to have access to the information.

We understand the importance of protecting personal information. For that reason, we have taken the following steps:

We store our customer information electronically. Electronic information is either under direct supervision or secured in a locked area at all times. In addition, passwords are required to access data information systems in which client information is stored.

OTT collects, uses, and discloses personal information only as necessary to fulfill their duties and in accordance with our privacy policy.

We need to retain personal information for some time to ensure that we can answer any questions you might have about the services provided and for our own accountability to external regulatory bodies.

OTT does not want to keep personal information any longer than is absolutely necessary, to protect your privacy. If you wish to have your personal information removed from our files, please make a request in writing or via emails and OTT will comply.

OTT destroys electronic information by deleting it and, when the hardware is discarded, we ensure that the hard drive is physically destroyed.

For more information about our privacy policies and procedures, please contact OTT:


Olde Trade Tools
P.O. Box 2999 ELORA RPO
Elora, ON  N0B1S0

If you wish to comment or submit a formal complaint about or privacy practices, you may make it in writing to the above address.

For more general inquires, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Canada oversees the administration of the privacy legislation in the private sector. The Commissioner also acts as an ombudsman for privacy disputes. PIPEDA is a complex Act and provides some additional exceptions to the privacy principles that are too detailed to set our here. There are some rare exceptions to the commitments set out above and you are encouraged to contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner for further information.

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