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May 5, 2022 | Other

As Olde Trade Tools approached the end of its first year, a great opportunity presented itself: Market Road Antiques. This bright purpose-made antique mall located directly across from The St. Jacobs Farmers Market offers a destination trip for Olde Trade Tools customers.

As of Saturday June 4, 2022 Olde Trade Tools will be set up at Booth No 26 at their 845 Weber Street North facility at Waterloo. OTT was fortunate to secure an existing booth at the front of the store, right beside the kitchen door. So… walk in the front door… hang a right… and follow your nose! Fine hand tools and antiques await.

5-May-2022 Entry: The case for a new Olde Trade Tools Venue at Market Road

As many might know, access to Olde Trade Tools is limited to weekends throughout the year. I am available either at the Aberfoyle Antique Market in the warmer months; The Pickering Tools of the Trades Show Spring and Fall; or the Timber Frame building at Fergus. Right away, Market Road Antiques provides a secure year-long 7-day-a-week presence for Olde Trade Tools without my having to be there. Furthermore, it’s 30 minutes from my door and I plan to load stock weekly on Saturday mornings.

Beyond 7-day-a-week access to quality hand tools, how does this benefit you the customer? You can contact me to put specific product types in the booth on my Saturday reload. With locked cabinets, multiple staff, and cameras at Market Road Antiques; I can display better quality pieces. Booth 26 is less than 10% of my other locations in square footage. As such, it allows me to write descriptions and keep quality stock rotating. You can expect to find common Stanley No 4’s to Norris Jointer planes here. I realize that the bulk of my audience are “users” but, there will be collector pieces on offer as well.

I should have most of the booth loaded up on Friday June 3. I will take photos at 6:00 and post an entry here so you know what you’re getting yourself into.



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