The 11 & 11 1/2 – A Couple of Stanley’s Lesser Known Planes

Sep 8, 2021 | Olde Tools

The No 11 is actually a very early plane dating back to Leonard Baileys days before he came to The Stanley Rule and Level Company. It was produced between 1867 and 1943.

The 11 was a Belt Makers Plane – not like the one you put around your waist. If you thing about the beginnings of the “Machine Age” factories used line-shaft and leather belting was the norm for transmission. So being able to trim a belt was a factory necessity.

Between 1909 and 1923, they ground off the No 11 in the body casting and replaced the toe late with a longer one. This was called the 11 1/2 and it was used as a flooring plane… probably not a very fun flooring plane.

These are low angle (25 degree bed) bevel up planes. If you pick one up at the right price it could double as a low angle mitre plane.



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