Happy Campers: The Marbles Safety Hatchet

Sep 10, 2021 | Olde Tools

There are two pieces in this picture made by Marbles, of Gladstone Michigan: a No 6 Safety Hatchet and a Match Safe.

In the Tool Collector work Marbles Safety Hatchets are a bit of an item, fetching considerable dollars. It is considered way-cool due to the levered cover which folds into the handle.

A couple of days back, I picked up the match safe and recognizing the name. I did a short search to confirm that it was indeed from the same company.

The Safety Hatchet has a bit of a history. It came as part of a relatively large Tool Collection that belonged to Sylvia Hahn – a Canadian artist who was Head of the Art Department for the Royal Ontario Museum and worked there between 1934 and 1976.


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