Wallace Table Joint Planes

Oct 15, 2021 | Olde Tools

It doesn’t get much more “Canadian bacon” than this! These are an extremely rare set of matched Wallace (Montreal) table joint planes(sometimes called Rule Joint planes). Think of the matched joints on grandmas cherry drop-leaf table…
The Quebec hardware merchant Shaw is known to have been operating in the 1837 and his brass tokens fetch in and about $200. Alexander Wallace came to Quebec from Scotland in 1840.
When I said that table joint planes are rare, these are not $20 each items. A well known US Tool dealer has a pair up for $US 495 right now – they are an extremely small size.
They have seen such little use, to the extent I’m wondering if the original owner “died on the table” on his first project. You can see the “rays” of the quarter sawn Beech and the scribed spring line.
Can you tell I’m a little excited?


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