Just an Olde Square

Oct 6, 2020 | Olde Tools

A dollar well-spent…
150 years ago this carpenters square was a tool that most tradesmen would know how to use… in my engineering school days… it was the equivalent of an HP 29C… in today’s world it had the indispensability of a laptop.
You can’t see it in these photos but, both blades are tapered to the tip… you can see that the numerals were cut-stamped.
In that time period several texts were written about its use. It was used by tradesmen and found its way to the kit of a guy who ran a long-or gotten sawmill just, outside of Stouffville.
I bought it for a buck… and have just finished a light cleaning with “Peak” to keep the metal black. My guess is that if you went to a shop today and had someone build it the way it was built… the cost would be north of $200…
Really though… what was once likely the everyday job of one person start-to-finish could arguably be considered art… and to me personally, art at its finest.


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