John Jennion Plane

Jul 14, 2021 | Olde Tools

My friend Ted Dawson let me be the custodian of this plane for a while…

Part of the days “horse trading” involved me providing Ted with an old Coopers Drawknife and some hammer heads for this rare old plane…

Many years back Mark and Jane Reese put out a third edition of British Planemakers. In that book was a depiction of the early trade card of John Jennion, who was a London plane maker. I was impressed with the card and years later I scanned it and spent hours digitally cleaning the scan before I had someone create the laser engraving shown here.

Jennion apprentised to one of the earliest British plane makers Robert Wooding whose business carried on the trade between 1706 and 1728.

The plane is marked with one of Jennions earliest marks and was made about 1740.


Markings on the John Jennion Plane

Markings on the John Jennion Plane


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