Checkerboard Mitre-jack

Jul 14, 2021 | Olde Tools

The time required to do something right…

This morning I picked up the checkerboard mitre-jack that sits in the foreground on the bench. It was made and used by a Toronto cabinet maker Peter Kaps. He was commissioned by the Eaton family to build a desk as a gift to the Queen for one of the jubilees… I’ve seen this mitre-jack for years at the Pickering Tool Show – not realizing the provenance. Incidentally, the one in behind was owned by William Hamdorf of the Waterloo area – believe he might have worked at the Globe Furniture Co.

The bench came out of the Casa Loma auction – complete with straw and horse hair.

The second photo is of a tool chest I bought at auction more than a year ago. I expect to get it in a few months. It was built by a Toronto Oddfellow.

I intend to build a removable (so as not to alter the bench itself) drawer bank in the same style as the chest, once I have the chest at home. It will be done similar to the one in the third photo. I expect to be another year or so to pull this off.


Toronto Oddfellow Tool Chest-1

Toronto Oddfellow Tool Chest 1

Toronto Oddfellow Tool Chest-2

Toronto Oddfellow Tool Chest 2


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